Refurbishing company in Barcelona


Refurbishing company in Barcelona

RAR Barcelona is a young company, and the product of an architect studio with thirty years of experience.

We can fulfill customer needs with a 360º service, including project management, license management, business openings, certificates of occupancy, electricity supply bulletins, energy-efficiency certificates and carrying out the construction work. Our effectiveness is reflected in our extensive experience, with our team of industry professionals and technicians.

From a vast array of work carried out, our portfolio includes projects winning first place in architecture competitions, as well as ones published in the magazines On, Diseño Interior, Casa viva, Dominical de La Vanguardia and reports on TV3.

RAR, a refurbishing company in Barcelona, creates projects which are sustainable and personalized to customer needs. Working closely with customers, we keep you constantly up-to-date. Maximizing on pre-existing structures, we seek remarkable results, with emphasis on design, being exclusive, yet at the same time being practical and affordable.

At RAR, a refurbishing company in Barcelona, we work with simple elements to create complex realities.

We invite clients to our office at number 5 Montseny Street, in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona, where we create the projects. Samples of the elements that define our work also form part of the design of our studio, as well as our In Domits furniture collection and temporary exhibitions by interesting new artists.

These are the reasons that RAR Barcelona is the renovations company in Barcelona which will provide you with high quality design at a reasonable price.