Bathrooms and micro-cement

Microcement (smooth-finish concrete) Barcelona, Bathroom renovations in Barcelona

RAR Barcelona is an architecture and design studio located in the Gracia district of Barcelona. At RAR we work together with our clients to create the bathroom renovations, designing all the details and looking for ways to modernise your bathroom into something special and unique, tailoring it to you and your needs. We are a flexible and efficient bathroom refurbishment company in Barcelona

We can manage the renovation work, whatever the size or function of your project: business premises, condominiums, complete house renovations, kitchens, bathrooms and whatever kind of work that makes a space suit your needs.

Our projects are based on a need to come up with an idea to develop a well-balanced concept that brings coherence to the project. We like to work with all kinds of budgets but continually adjusting to get the best value for money, considering objectives and price.

By hiring the services of our renovations company in Barcelona, you can count on receiving advice for each and every step of the project, including the initial studies which will be done free of charge. The project carried out by our architects will consider the existing physical and structural features of where we are going to develop the project.

On approving the project, we will show you some rendered images so that you can visualize it and clearly see that it is the project of your dreams. Once it has been agreed upon, we will prepare an itemized budget to allow you to decide how and what you spend your money on

When we have agreed on how the money will be invested, you do not need to worry about anything else. We will manage and coordinate with all the industry professionals that work for us, and if necessary we can provide you with the certificate of occupancy and the EEC, Energy Efficiency Certificate.

We are a bathroom renovations company in Barcelona, but we can work anywhere in Catalonia, where we have been established for the last 30 years.

We have a team of professionals who can fulfill each aspect of the work: bricklayers, painters, masons, plumbers and electricians, as well as gas, air conditioning and heating technicians. We are official electrical and gas installers, and therefore we can provide the certificate of installation required. Our versatility allows us to take care of the whole process of each project.

Not only are ceramic coatings used for our bathroom renovations, but we also use other materials like natural stone, wood and micro-cement.


Micro-cement is a high performance cement coating, modified with polymers, fibers, aggregates. It can be combined with colour pigments and applied to any type of surface.

Once mixed and kneaded, it is spread to create a surface of 2-3mm in thickness. Micro-cement can be made to fit the needs of each project, providing a quality finish and an original, modern look. This product is ideal for covering all surfaces such as concrete, cement, tiles, plaster, plasterboard, metal, plastic, ceramic and marble.

The application of this material ranges from floors to walls, seating areas, swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture. We like using Barcelona micro-cement due to its versatility, texture, finish and ability to combine with wood, glass, metal and other materials. It produces very creative results, exploiting the imagination of the decorator, architect and the individual client

The appearance of Barcelona micro-cement

The patterns are the main characteristic of Barcelona micro-cement coatings. In lighter colours the patterns are less noticeable than in dark colours. The pattern characteristic gives a natural look to micro-cement.

Barcelona micro-cement finishes 

There are a wide range of high-end finishes depending on the quantity of Barcelona micro-cement used. If the micro-cement is polished before sealing, it creates smooth finishes which are ideal for flooring. If it is not polished, it gives a more rustic feel which is ideal for walls. In the sealing phase, the polyurethane and acrylic resins define whether the appearance will be bright, glossy or matte.

How to clean Barcelona micro-cement

Barcelona micro cement is cleaned with neutral soap and water. To renew the flooring´s protective layer, mop the floor using a self-polishing wax diluted with water